Originating in Taiwan in the early 1980’s as a small tea stand, serving school children, a refreshing drink, after a hard day at school. Bubble Tea is Freya’s favourite and was always destined to be on our menu. Bubble Tea is a light refreshing fruity or milk tea, with added fruity flavoured pearls or tapioca balls.

Bubble Tea £4.45

Served in a sealed takeaway cup

Fruit Tea Flavours

- Mango
- Passion Fruit
- Lychee
- Red plum


- Mango
- Cherry
- Green Apple
- Blueberry

Double Bubbles 50p

Add and flavour - Rainbow bubbles

Milk Tea £4.95

- Jasmine milk tea
- Tiger milk tea (milk tea with brown sugar syrup)
- Tapioca

*All Bubbles are Vegetarian society approved and vegan